Global Initiatives

The Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development values the exchange of information about early childhood locally, nationally and internationally. As part of our mission the Early Childhood division of the GUCCHD participate in trainings and technical assistance around the world. GUCCHD also host groups and individuals to explore early childhood topics and be a part of project teams. If you are interested in participating in these visits, please contact us at and leave your name and contact information.

The Power of Family
Training & Technical Assistance
Visiting Scholars

The Power of Family

In Central Asia and Eastern Europe, 31 thousand children under the age of 3 live in institutions. A child with a disability is 17 times more likely to be institutionalized. In this video, Dr. Toby Long, Director of the GU Certificate in Early intervention in collaboration with Open Society Foundations discusses key factors related to the importance of early childhood intervention.

Training & Technical Assistance




2016 Georgia

Dr. Long provided technical assistance to a variety of early intervention programs in Tbilisi as well as Kakheti.  While in Kakheti, a small village nestled in the Caucasus mountains, she offered intervention recommendations for children with cerebral palsy.

Dr. Long also met with Nino Goguadze of the Tbilisi City Council and the Chair of the Tbilisi City Council Health Care Committee. Along with colleagues from the Open Society Foundation, Georgia and the Tbilisi Mental Health Centre, Dr. Long discussed how the municipality of Tbilisi can support and enhance early intervention services in the city aligned with the developing country-wide standards.

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Drs. Long and Brady were the keynote speakers at the Colored Cubes: Early Intervention Conference sponsored by the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services in January.  Dr. Brady presented the workshop, Creating Individual Program Plans in Early Intervention and Dr. Long discussed the Essential of Early Intervention and Critical Components of Inclusive Early Education.

2016 Sharjah


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Long was part of an invitational international delegation participating in the  Dubai Inclusive Development Forum which was sponsored by The  Executive Council of the government of Dubai.  Dubai has created the My Community initiative to promote and support inclusive development policies and programs that espouse the UN CRPD in the Arab/gulf region. The forum was held to craft a long term strategic plan.


Partnering with the Open Society Foundation, Dr. Long provided training and technical assistance with the early intervention providers of Early Intervention Institute (EII) of Kharkov. Pankaj Kushwaha, Director or Rehab and Medical Limited, which is the regional distributor for Rifton equipment presented a workshop on contemporary assistive technology to the EI providers, community based physicians and the staff of the Baby Home.

2015 Ukraine

Tbilisi, Georgia

In collaboration with the Open Society Foundation, Dr. Long conducted a series of training sessions with the early intervention providers of Georgia. A group of therapists, administrators, and special instructors from the First Step Georgia programs of Tbilisi, Batumi (Habilitation and Development Center), and Kutaisis (Bridge to Social Inclusion) and the Georgia Association of Child Neurologists and Neurosurgeons participated in a variety of workshops, case reviews, and discussions regarding best practices in early intervention.

While in Tbilisi, Dr. Long was a featured guest of the national news program, Midday, on Rustavi 2 The program featured an in-depth discussion on the benefits of appropriate therapeutic massage to young babies and their families and the detrimental effects of a controversial activity that is gaining popularity in the region. Dr. Long travelled to Batumi to present, The Importance of Early Intervention, at the community meeting introducing the FSG Batumi group, Habilitation and Development Center as an independent organization.

Dr.Long with group from Tblisi

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

At the invitation of Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi and the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Early Intervention Centre Dr. Long spent a week with colleagues from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. The training program, Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention provided an in-depth discussion on the evidence, the strategies, and the philosophy of contemporary early intervention practice. Contemporary Practices in Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) introduced the participants to the five essential elements of early childhood intervention (Family Centered Care, Natural Environments, Team Based Services, Individualized Services, and Evidence Based Practice). The participants were provided procedures, documents, and strategies helpful in implementing these essential elements. The participants eagerly engaged in a variety of interactive learning sessions.

UAE Group with Dr. Long


St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr. Long conducted a three-day training event on the Essential Elements of Early Intervention to the staff of the Early Intervention Institute in St. Petersburg.

2014 Tajikistan

Tajikistan with assistance from a variety of non-governmental agencies is evolving their child serving programs. Dr. Long conducted training twice to the early intervention providers from all over Tajikistan, including Dashanbe, Khujand, ahdat, Khorog, Khatlon, Isfara. This training, done in partnership with the Open Society Foundation, introduced the child serving system to contemporary practices in early childhood intervention and inclusive education.

Shanghai Special Educators US Study Tour

In collaboration with the UCEDD at University of Massachusetts, Boston, Institute for Community inclusion, the GUCCHD hosted a group of special educators from Shanghai. The educators are visiting the US to discuss contemporary practices for school age children with disabilities. The educators represented a variety of public and private educational programs in Shanghai. Projects from the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the GUCCHD were highlighted in the areas of research, service, policy, training, and technical assistance. 



As a follow-up to the successful US based study tour in April, Dr. Long travelled to Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Georgia to assist providers in implementing contemporary evidence-based early childhood practices.

US-China Strategic Dialogue on Early Childhood Development

Co-hosted by the Brookings Institution and the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), the GUCCHD hosted a half day interchange with a group of special education and early intervention scholars, researchers, and service providers on exemplary practices for early childhood education. The scholars represented all areas of China and were particularly interested in services to children ages birth to 3. The early childhood projects of the GUCCHD were highlighted as an integrated, comprehensive program of research, service, policy, training, and technical assistance.

PAP Community Foundation of Singapore

In collaboration with the Association for Childhood Education International, the GUCCHD Early Childhood Team hosted a group discussion with visiting scholars from the PAP Foundation in Singapore. The visitors were particularly interested in expanding community based child care. The benefits and challenges of including children with disabilities into community based child care were discussed, especially the strategies used by programs like Head Start.

East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Dr. Toby long presented the Keynote address, New Developments in Autism Spectrum Disorder at the Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention Conference sponsored by East China Normal University.  She also presented ASD: The Sensory-Motor Story. While in China, Dr. Long also travelled to Goughzhou where she spoke to a group of psychology students at South China Normal University.

Open Society Foundation Study Tour
In April 2013, the GUCCHD hosted a group of early intervention providers from Eastern Europe. Funded by the Open Society Foundation, the week-long study tour focused on evidence based early intervention. The group of teachers, therapists, physicians, policy makers, and researchers took part in a series of lectures, home-visits, panel discussions, etc. Strategies on providing EI services in the natural environment were highlighted.

Visiting Scholars


Stockholm, Sweden

​The Open Society Foundation (OSF) brought together a group of grant applicants from a variety of countries to discuss essential elements of early childhood intervention. Led by Hollie Hix-Small, the Director of Early Childhood Initiative at OSF​, and international faculty which included Dr. Long, they presented the the components of evidence-based early intervention services. Through small group discussions and work groups the faculty assisted the applicants to finalize their grant applications, all pertaining to establishing or expanding ECI services in their country.


East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

With funding from the Fulbright Senior Scholar Award Program, Dr. Long taught Contemporary Practices in Early Childhood Intervention to a group of special education graduate students at East China Normal University.  Over two weeks the course covered early screening and diagnosis, intervention, and inclusive education for infants, toddlers, and young children.

2012 china

Fujariah, United Arab Emirates (2010-2012)

Under the auspices of and with support from, Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nayan Foundation a team of providers including Dr. Long from the GUCCHD in partnership with Children’s National Medical Center conducted an Emirate wide needs assessment related to contemporary services for children and youth with disabilities followed by several training sessions over the course of 3 years.  The multi-disciplinary training sessions included didactic, practicum, and home visit sessions, Fujariah which is in the rural, eastern side of the UAE in undergoing great growth and advancement.


ECNU visits Georgetown

A group of faculty from East China Normal University led by Professor Guangxue Yang, Dean of the College of Preschool Education and Special Education.  The faculty exchanged ideas on pursuing joint research projects and study visits.  Colleagues from Children's National Medical Center and the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) also participated in the discussion.



Shanghai, China

As a member of an international delegation Dr. Presented a keynote address, Interdisciplinary Cooperation: Comprehensive Assessments and Treatments for Children with Disabilities to participants at the 2009 Shanghai Forum: Providing Comprehensive Services to Children with Disabilities in China.  The delegation took part in a variety of symposia and work-groups assisting Chinese government officials to design comprehensive, integrated services for children with disabilities.


Georgetown University and East China Normal University Partnership

Since 2004 Georgetown University, Center for Child and Human Development (GUCCHD) and East China Normal University, School of Preschool and Special Education (ECNU) have participated in a variety of activities.  In 2004 In 2007, Dr. Yu Lizhong, President of ECNU, travelled to the GUCCHD to sign an agreement between the two institutions formalizing our relationship.  Also in 2007, under an agreement with the China Scholarship Council, Dr. Xueyun Su, Assistant Professor in the School of Preschool and Special Education at East China Normal University was awarded a Fellowship to study under Dr. Toby Long of the GUCCHD.

2007 China visit


Shanghai, China

Dr. Toby Long travelled to ECNU lecturing to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Preschool and Special Education, visiting several special education and preschool programs in Shanghai, and discussing possible collaborations with ECNU faculty.


In partnership with United Aid for Azerbaijan, Dr. Long conducted a week-long training on the critical aspects of teaching children with disabilities.  Azerbaijan is moving to a community-based service system for children with disabilities as they phase out institutional living arrangements for children with disabilities.

Visiting Scholars

Mohammed Yousef (2014-2015)

Mr. Yousef is a physical therapist , Director of the Physical & Occupational Therapy Department, and Acting Director of the Early Intervention Center in Sharjah, United Arab Emerates. He joined the 2014-2015 Georgetown University Certificate in Early Intervention cohort and visited with community and center based early childhood intervention providers to understand how early intervention systems work in the United States to inform practices in the UAE. Congratulations on completing your Certificate in Early Intervention Mr. Yousef!

Meng Lyu (2013-2014)

Ms. Lyu was with us until Sept 2014. She is a doctoral candidate in special education at East China Normal University. The goal of her stay was to learn about of early intervention for children with special needs, especially children with autism spectrum disorders, including evaluation, diagnosis and intervention strategies. During her experience with the GUCCHD, Meng worked with Dr. Long in the Developmental Clinic (DEC) to observe and practice the evaluation process. She also took part in Bright Beginnings with Dr. Brady, hoping to have a profound understanding of the Head Start project and bring her excellent experiences back to China to support vulnerable young children and their families. In addition, she worked with Dr. Jacobstein in the GU Autism and Communication Disorders Clinic to learn the interdisciplinary team process for the diagnosis and support of ASD and other developmental disabilities.

Oleksandra (Sasha) Khvorostenko (2013)

Funded by the Open Society Foundation, Sasha Khvorostenko, PT spent two weeks at the Center observing a variety of early intervention service delivery models. As a senior early interventionists at the Early Intervention Institute, in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sasha’s role is to upgrade the skills of her colleagues so that they provide evidence based EI services to young children with disabilities. Sasha was fortunate to observe a variety of models including center-based as well as home-based services.

Lianjun Chen PhD, (2010-2011)

As a doctoral candidate in special education at East China Normal University, Dr. Chen was awarded a government scholarship to study at the GUCCHD. In addition to attending LEND, Dr. Chen participated in a variety of clinical services and research projects. She collaborated with Bruno Anthony on a MCH funded autism research program which dove-tailed with her own dissertation research. Dr. Chen also built two online databases that are incorporated into the Contemporary Practices in Early Intervention, online curriculum (

Yunying Chen, EdD (2009-2010)

Dr. Yunying Chen, the founding director of the Chinese National Institute for Educational Research Special Education Division from 1988-2005, spent the year at GUCCHD collaborating on a variety of early childhood initiatives. Dr. Chen is the Principle Researcher of China National Institute for Education Research, Deputy of the National People Congress, Vice President of Special Education Society, Member of Academic Board of China Society of Education Research, Chief Editor of Chinese Journal of Special Education, Adjunct Professor of the People University, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, and East China Normal University. At the GUCCHD she participated in a variety of clinic, trainings, and community initiatives.

Xueyun Su, PhD (2007-2008)

Dr. Su, an Associate Professor of Special Education at East China Normal University in Shanghai was awarded a prestigious China Scholarship Council grant to study at the GUCCHD for 12 months. During that time Dr. Su participated in a variety of training activities such as LEND as well as a host of clinical teams broadening her perspective of intervention for young children with disabilities. She also collaborated with Dr. Toby Long on two papers which were published in a Chinese Journal of Special Education, and Infants and Young Children.

Nianli Zhou (2005)

Dr. Nianli Zhou from East China Normal University studied at the GUCCHD as part of her U.S. Fellowship year at Arizona State University.